Ask Terry Questions Students loans — too late?

Students loans — too late?

By Terry Savage on July 28, 2019 | College Savings / Student Loans

My daughter is going to SIUE she got by the first year with scholarships and grants well this year is a little different she needs a student loan Problem is we’re in financial hardship nd can’t co-sign for her nd nobody we know will co-sign for her Do you know anything that could possibly help with her situation Thank you

Terry Says

She needs to talk to her college financial aid officer.  This is the kind of thing that requires advance planning.  Knowing she would need aid, she should have filed the FAFSA application for Federal StudentAid, way back last winter.  That aid is not based on need, but you have to follow the rules to apply.  It’s so late now that the best advice I can give is to talk to the college financial aid office.

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