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Substitute teaching unemployment

By Terry Savage on July 08, 2020 | Wild Card

I was declined unemployment from Illinois because i didn’t earn enough last year. I was on a long term sub job this year when covid hit. I applied for a reconsideration, but still I can’t get ahold of anyone at IDES for help.Should I hire someone to help me get through all the confusing mumbo jumbo?

Terry Says

No, don’t pay to find out the same thing. If you didn’t earn at least $1600 in covered wages over your base period (the last year– and they typically base it on 2019 earnings) and if you didn’t earn at least $440 in a quarter other than your highest earning quarter (meaning your earnings were spread out over at least two quarters), then you don’t qualify!
The long term contract you had is for future earnings and unemployment is based on past earnings.
If you don’t meet these requirements, you don’t get unemployment. If you DO meet these requirements, you should file an appeal.



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