Ask Terry Questions Teacher’s Student loan repayment

Teacher’s Student loan repayment

By Terry Savage on December 31, 2018 | College Savings / Student Loans

My son is a teacher at Carl Sandburg HS has student loans for his masters degree. You mentioned on wgn that he may be able to get help on paying for loans

Terry Says

He should look into the public service student loan forgiveness program.  USA Today recently did a series on how difficult it is to access this program.  here’s a link to an interesting article.

This is really a shame because we NEED teachers, and a recent Wall St. Journal article detailed how many we lost this past year, mostly becauase of low salaries and limited resources.

He could get into the income based repayment programs if his salary is low — but frankly that just stretches out the burden and adds interest to the total.  Learn more at

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