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Temp health and dental insurance

By Terry Savage on March 23, 2014 | Insurance & Annuities

Terry, my twin sons will turn 26 soon. They are both searching for jobs. What is a good source for info on available temp health and dental policies?

Terry Says: Well, actually, they should immediately — within the next week — go to, since they will no longer be covered under your insurance when they are 26.  The open enrollment period ends March 31st, and they will be eligible for a subsidy, since they are not currently working.  Wait, let me amend that response.  First, they will be enrolled under your plan until they reach age 26, so the open enrollment period will likely not apply, and they can go to the govt marketplace just before they reach 26.    And second, if they have NO income, they won’t get a subsidy; instead they will qualify for your state Medicaid plan based on lack of income!!  However, I am quite sure that is not the insurance you intend for them to have.  It just demonstrates the absurdity of the new law!   So here’s a better solution:

Go to and buy a short term policy for each of them, say 9 months to a year.  By then they should be employed (they can cancel if they get a job sooner) and they will get the best coverage.  You should probably take a high-deductible plan, as it will be less costly and you could likely cover the deductible in case of emergency.  But it is unlikely they will get dental insurance — very expensive, very few benefits.  So if they are covered under your plan now, be sure to get the most of your existing coverage by taking x-rays, teeth cleaning, and fillings done while they are on your policy!




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