Ask Terry Questions The disadvantages of Medicare Advantage

The disadvantages of Medicare Advantage

By Terry Savage on October 25, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

Hi Terry, just read your article on The disadvantages of Medicare Advantage. I am 2 months away from making this decision and going through all the information I can find. I understand what you are saying about Medicare advantage. I get a bit confused on whether to also get a supplemental plan (medigap). I do not yet need a part D plan. I am healthy so does it make sense to consider a supplemental plan yet? What are your thoughts on the supplemental plan and plan D in the future? Thanks,

Terry Says

You haven’t read enough!
1. You sign up for Medicare Part A and B when you reach age 65 (unless you are still working and have coverage, in which case you can delay signing up for Part B until you retire).
2. AT THE SAME time as you sign up for Part B, you MUST get a SUPPLEMENT (Medigap) policy. Go to to search for one. You definitely want Plan G (for “great”) if you can afford it.
3. AT THE SAME time as you sign up for Part B and your Supplement, you must sign up for Part D — drugs, even though you aren’t taking ANY medicines. It will be a low monthly premium. And it will save you from penalties when you do need drugs later in life –and you WILL need drugs!! Find your Part D plan also at

Avoid all discussion of Advantage. You’ll thank me one day if/when you have an illness!



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