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Theft of bank statement/Identity?

By Terry Savage on May 22, 2020 | Wild Card

Locked mailboxes were broken into at condo. My bank statement was taken (based on USPS Informed Delivery showing delivery that day).
What steps should I take now to protect my accounts, identity, etc.?

Terry Says

Contact each of the three credit bureaus and put a freeze on your credit report. No cost. Links in my resources page. (this will prevent NEW credit being opened in your name)
Contact your bank and inform them of the situation, ask for double verification (confirmation by text) of any online banking requests or even ATM withdrawals. Likely they will send you new credentials and debit card.
Contact every credit card company and similarly request double verification by text for any
card usage.
You are 100 percent protected against fraud, but still check on each of these accounts online at least once a week to make sure there are no unusual charges.

It could take a year or more for your stolen info to be used, so don’t stop watching!



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