Ask Terry Questions Whole Life Insurance with LTC Benefits

Whole Life Insurance with LTC Benefits

By Terry Savage on March 13, 2020 | Insurance & Annuities

We are in our 60’s with two college students graduating soon. We are concerned about LTC premiums rising. Both my husband and myself have LTC. Should we seriously consider Life Insurance which has LTC benefits? It has a very high cost such as $10,000/year for 10 years and another one has an up front cost of $25,000. Thank you.

Terry Says

Those combo policies are the way to go if you are just starting out fresh. But since you seem to have the original type policies, and have paid in for years, and likely won’t get the some coverage in a new policy, the answer is: It all depends! So call Brian Gordon at MAGA LTC 800-533-6242. He is my expert on LTC policies, and in particular on these combo policies. He won’t try to sell you something or switch if not needed. Hopefully the worst of the premium increases are behind us. But Brian will give you the best help. Feel free to use my name, or not, as I get nothing out of this!



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