Ask Terry Questions Youth trying to establish credit

Youth trying to establish credit

By Terry Savage on January 02, 2015 | Credit/Debt

My grand daughter is 21 years old. She has a job as a retail assistant manager. She lives at home. She has never had a credit card. She is trying to get a loan for a car. No one will give her a loan because she has no established credit. Looking for suggestions as to what she can do.

Terry Says:  Go to, and look under “secured credit cards.”  Those look and work like regular VISA or Mastercards– but your line of credit is a savings account that you deposit with the bank.   It’s easy to open an account, and usually requires a deposit of about $1,000 to the savings account.  They will send her a credit card that can be used anywhere VISA or MC is accepted.

Then she should make some small purchases, and pay in full and on time every month.  They will report to the credit bureaus, and not only will she get her car loan — but she will be inundated with offers for other credit cards.  So teach her that no matter how large a line of credit they offer, she must pay her bills in full every month!



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