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Home equity loan Vs 15 year Refinancing

Hi Terry- I currently have about a 20 year home mortgage at a 4.00% fixed rate on my house. I’m..

Financing a remodel on a vacation home in a different state

Terry, We have a lake house in Wisconsin (we live in Illinois) and it needs some remodeling. We have about..

Loan to your only son — Will You Foreclose?

My husband is retired and I am close. A portion of our portfolio is in a money market earning .4..

Reverse Mortgage — Don’t Look Back!

Parents have a RM however when taken out they failed to put in heirs in case of their demise only..

Right time to purchase investment property

Right time to purchase investment property or wait for a correction. With interest rate hikes coming, were do you see..

40l K withdrawal — costly?

We withdrew from our 401k accounts to purchase our condo free and clear of a mortgage. We are both over..



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