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Paying off mortgage vs. investing money

Good Morning Terry, We are both 65 years old and recently inherited some money. We are wondering if we should..

Reverse mortgage

Is a reverse mortgage safe and I need about 60,000 for a roof. I have money on the side that..

Options to avoid capital gains from 2nd home

My husband worked a few years in Colorado and moved back to Illinois where we have a townhome. We continue..

Heloc loan

If the feds lower the interest rate, will the HELOC loan go down?

Capital Gain

I am74 years old a widower. Thinking about selling my house and getting a nice Motorhome/toy hauler. My capital gains..


Hello – we have 7.2% 30-yr fixed mortgage. Rates are starting to drop. We would like to refinance ,put more..

I am 78 years old and in pretty good health. If I sell my house for 375K, would I be better off buying or renting . My property Taxes are $7000 a year .

Am I better off making a lateral move selling my house and purchasing a condo or should I be renting?

Follow-up on Question

Terry, I have a mortgage with 4.125% interest rate until 2027. There is 72,000 left on the note. I have..


I am 69 and have an adopted young grandson with a disability. I am moving my family from Washington to..


Terry, my husband I and I are both 70 , recently retired and recently married. My home, worth appx. $355,000,..

Taxes on a sale of family home

I am a 90 something widow who has owned the home since 1971. We paid $50,000 than and have added..

applying for mortgage at our age

I am 79 yrs old and my husband in 83. We own our single family home (no mortgage). I would..

home equity

I am about 21 months away from paying off my mortgage. I’d like advise on best option for using equity..

Second mortgage

We have a 30 year mortgage and have been holding a second mortgage for 20 of these 30 years. Can..

house payoff

have enough cash (approx 100,000) to pay off house, its all our savings 4 kids, college starts this year, mortage..

House Poor

Hi Terry, I will be to the point. I am 72 on social security and have an income of $20,000..

Taxes on inherited real estate

Hello. My mom passed in 2020 we have a trust and I recently sold a property that was in the..

inherited share of house – capital gains treatment

Hi, I am co-owner of house that is not my residence. My co-owner has passed and I am inheriting the..

cashing in my 403b to pay my mortgage

I sold my house with a land contract and must have it paid off by this September 2024. I owe..

Deed to property after lien is released.

Our mortgage was paid off in July 2023. We have received confirmation that the mortgage has been paid in full..



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