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Tax rate on 401K withdrawals to buy7 house

If I take out $150,000 dollars from my 401K to put a down payment on a house and I’m only..

identity theft and property

Hi Mrs Savage, you have helped me before , my house is paid for and i keep hearing that someone..

Early IRA Withdrawal

Hi Terry, In order to avoid having a sale contingency on my new home purchase, I would like to withdraw..

Paying off our mortgage before retirement

Hi Terry, I’m retired and my wife is still in the work force. We only have about $14,000 or less..

Capital Gains on sale of a house

A friend in Seattle, working for Walgreens, take a new position with Walgreens in late 2020 that causes her to..

Withdraw from IRA to pay mortgage

I’m 74 & a widow, have teacher’s pension (106,000.), 400,000 in IRA with TRowe, mortgage balance is 202,000. Should I..

Large payment on mortgage vs saving account

I have a balance of $184k on my mortgage, with an interest rate of 2.75%. I’m wondering if it would..

Buying home at 70 years old

Hi Terry I am 70 years old, want to relocate to warmer climate have approx 1M liquid, would it be..

co-signing for a mortgage

Hi Terry My niece, Jenna, recently ask me to be a co-signor for a home mortgage. She will not qualify..

Capital gains on home at beach not rented out

Just sold vacation home at beach after husband died (3 yrs) but capital gains very high. Have lymphedemia from cancer..

Sold home that family member lived in

Terry, I love seeing you on WGN morning news. You always have great info. I can’t find exactly what I..

First time home buyer

Hi Terry, Love listening to you on WGN! My husband and I are first time home buyers in the northwest..

Extra retirement income

Hi Terry I am 1-1/2 years from retiring and for extra money in northern wisconsin I have a new cottage..

Mortgage payment

I am 84 yo. I have a 55,000 mortgage at 2.70 interest rate. I have $300,000 in savings…. Should I..

Family member gifting from abroad

My parents are still alive and live in Ireland. We are currently looking for a house. My parents are gifting..

VA loan for new construction

Hey Terry, I just spoke with you on WGN radio about a new build and trying to lock in a..

Taxes on homeowners insurance money?

My house burned down in 2021. The insurance company paid out 200,000.00. I gave my son 50,000 for him to..

Revocable Trust

How do I go about letting the county recorder know that I put my paid off home in a revocable..

Revocable Trust — changing title of home

How do I go about changing the title of my house that is in my name to my trust?

Equity in home used for gift of home to daughter

Hi Terry My husband and I owe less than $140k on our home which is now valued wayyyy over our..



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