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Paying off home loan

Recently my mother passed and her ira account was split between myself and my brother … I was thinking of..

Home equity

I am a landlord of a rental property that I live in. I have excellent credit ranges from 750 to..

Improving FICO Scores Prior To Applying for a Mortgage – Credit Coaching?

Hi Terry – I listen to you on WGN and respect your advice. My son and his fiance are trying..

second home mortgage

I want to purchase a second home in Florida (yes I know the market is very crazy down there). I..

American rescue plan act — Foreclosure Looms!

If you go to IHDA.org and search for 2021 homeowners assistance fund (HAF) you will find a vague stmt. saying..

Home buying assistance program.

Hello. I saw a while back your discussing a program to assist with buying a home. I can’t find information..



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