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property taxes deadline

when is the first installment of the 2020 property taxes due in 2021 ? heard there was covid related extension..

Refinance or just pay off mortgage

I have a 15 year mortgage that will be paid off in early 2025 . My interest rate is 3%...

Refinancing at age 70

I am going on 70 years old and I have 18 years remaining on my 5.125 % loan, is it..

Should I get a home loan, or take out a mortgage to have rehabbing work done?

Hi Terry, I own a 1908 2-flat that I inherited from my parents years ago. They finished paying it off..

Paying off our mortage from IRA

My wife and i are 73 years old and owe about $97,000 on our mortgage. Would it be wise to..

Sell or stay

Should I pay off 40K condo mortgage and stay. We could each take money from each of our savings and..



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