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choosing a new investment firm

My current firm(Cetera) will not write a letter of intent to transfer retirement funds monthly into my checking account in..

HELOC Interest Rates

Hello Terry, Is there anything I can do regarding a HELOC with an interest rate that’s gone from4.5% to 7.33%..

Age 77, first time home owners-tax documents needed

My husband and I purchased our first home, age 77, it’s tax time very soon, what paperwork do we need..

Taxes on Mortgage Buy-out?

Hi Terry, My ex-boyfriend and I bought a house together in 2019. The mortgage was only in his name and..


If I take out a Heloc for home improvements 4-5 prior to retirement can I still sell my home?

Remodel or Tear down

I am a new widow, live in a spot my kids and I love, Fontana, Wi. My house is 1890s..

Gifting money from an IRA or 401K

I would like to gift my son money from my IRA or 401K for the purchase of his new home...

how long to keep records of mortgage refinancing

We have refinanced our house several times over the years and every time we do we sign all new papers..


I have a $53,300.00 HELOC. I have no debt. My townhouse is worth about $250,000. I am 76 year old..

Mortgage refinance

Hi Terry, I’m looking to pull some money from the equity of my home to pay for repairs and credit..


Several years ago I set up my house in trust. However I have never been billed nor paid an annual..

HOA dictated deck replacement

Can an HOA demand money to replace our deck when replacement not needed. This has been done early December demanding..

How to get out of debt, sell my house?

I’m 73 years old. Own my own home with an approximate value of $300,000 with a remaining mortgage of $120,000..

Real estate

Hello Terry, I’m 53 years old and have never purchased a home. I’ve had an aversion to being tied to..


Hi I was behind on my mortgage but was in contact with my lender and now I may be forced..

Reverse mortgages

Hello. My husband and I are 74 years old, and the balance on our mortgage is $165 thousand. With approximately..

Home loans — best deals

Is it better to use a credit union or a bank for a loan

Real estate & medicaid

My ex owns property (3/4), including the house he lives in with his sister. He took out a reverse mortgage..

Appeal Cook county reassessment?

Hi Terry! I live in Arlington Heights and my assessed value of my home went up from $274,000 to $380,000!..

Home Equity line of credit to buy another house

In order to be a cash buyer I would like to open a line of credit again my home It’s..



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