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Home loans — best deals

Is it better to use a credit union or a bank for a loan

Real estate & medicaid

My ex owns property (3/4), including the house he lives in with his sister. He took out a reverse mortgage..

Appeal Cook county reassessment?

Hi Terry! I live in Arlington Heights and my assessed value of my home went up from $274,000 to $380,000!..

Home Equity line of credit to buy another house

In order to be a cash buyer I would like to open a line of credit again my home It’s..

Amendments to remove home from a Revocable living trust.

I want to remove my home from my living trust so I can sell it . Do I need a..

Should I take a loan vs cash purchase for real estate

I am considering a purchase that is several hundred thousand dollars and am wondering if I should borrow the money..

whether renter should pay homeowner’s costs

Hi Terry, My adult daughter is renting part of a house that is owned by a friend, and the friend..

How to Find a Good Tax Preparer

Over the past 9 years, I have had 5 different CPAs/Registered Agents to prepare the tax returns for an irrevocable..

remortgage or refi or anything else?

Hi Terry Just watched your segment and my wife and I hoping you could help. We have a great 15..

Reverse Mortgage — loan is more than house is worth now

My wife’s mother is 89, living in a house with a reverse mortgage. The loan balance is way more than..

Capital gains

Hi Terry. All HR Block offices are temporarily closed by me. Tried asking Realtor Attorneys but they won’t answer a..


Hello, my husband and I just recently purchased a home, is there something that we need to keep focused on..

Taking out a Reverse Mortgage

Hi Terry, I’m considering a Reverse Mortgage. I’ve been doing my reading and evaluating. I’ll be meeting with an agent..

Heloc at age 55

I’m curious the best time to consider a HELOC. I’m 55 years old and bought my home in 2015 due..

Reverse Mortgage

I’m an 80 year old widow. I’ve been thinking about taking out a Reverse Mortgage. The house is paid for...

Mortgage title

My wife and I jointly own a condo with 4 years left on mortgage. She passed away last year. Should..

Home Equity Loan

Is a home equity loan a good idea?

Borrow from 401K for condo purchase

On your WGN segment this morning, you stated that it was a very bad idea to borrow from a 401K..

Sell house or rent it?

Should my wife and I sell the house we are downsizing out of and invest the money in the stock..

House taxes

Good Morning! Husband and I bought a house in the south suburban area 3yrs ago and we have noticed that..



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