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Taxes on home sale

I am seriously contemplating selling my home worth app 380 000, . Home is been paid in full a number..

Best way to pay for large condo special assessment

Hello, Love seeing you on WGN Morning Show! Unfortunately, my condo building is going through a number of improvements that..

Select Portfolio aka SPS

A few years back my husband and I had our mortgage through SPS. My husband got laid off and i..

Disclosing Bank Accounts to my Mortgage provider

Hello Terry, my forbearance plan will end soon and I’m looking to do a loan modification request as I am..


My mom passed away Sept 2020. I am a “Grantor” on her Home Eq line of credit. Since I have..

Home Refinance

Hi Terry, we have $200,000 left on our mortgage at an interest rate of 4.5%. We are thinking of refinancing..



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