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Divorce in Illinois — house/mortgage?

My daughter is going through a divorce and needs to refinance her house. Her present mortgage is 3.5% and current..

Home loan interest rate

What is the current interest rate for a home loan. My grandson is 31 and is looking to buy his..


Is it best to pay off a home mortgage early or continue to pay a 30yr term?

HELOC or Home Equity Loan

Good afternoon I live in GA and have a couple of questions please. I’m trying to get renovations done on..

Need cash for home repairs

Hi, i need about 5k to 10k for some home improvements. House is paid off. Is it best to withdraw..

High interest Home line of credit

Two years ago, I took out $100,000 line of credit from a Bank at variable rate tied Fed rate. It..

Mortgage payoff

Terry, we have lived in our home for 19 years. We are in our 80’s. My question, our balance on..

Mortgage Rates

Hi Terry, we’ve just begun a VA cash out refi application and haven’t locked in a rate. Under the current..

Transfer Home to Kids

We own a home in Indiana. What is the easiest way to transfer ownership to our kids? Is there a..

reverse mortgage

So Terry. Im confused about reverse mortgages. Since I am elderly and interested in a little more income, can I..

Home Loan Mortgage Requirement

Is it true that banks now require at least two years of consecutive work at the same company in order..

1031 Exchange of rental property

I have one property that is a rental in Chicago. It is a 1031 exchange. I am looking to find..

Dad’s house

Hello Terry, My name is Tiffany. I lost my dad two years ago. He left a house without my siblings..

Paying off my mortgage

We have eight years left on our mortgage we’re going to retire in two years. Should we take money out..

Best choice to finance a new home purchase without having to sell first

We would like to have funds available ($400K total) to purchase a more livable forever home. We are 62 and..

HELOC for Investment Properties

I am having a hard time finding a bank that will provide a HELOC for an Investment property. I want..

Home equity loan

We are wanting to get a home equity loan to buy a truck and remodel the kitchen, what is the..

Mortgage Pay Off

If I plan to stay in my condo for only the next 5-6 years, which I still owe approximately $166,000),..

Capital Gains on sale of farm

Thinking of selling a farm and wonder much my wife and I have to claim as capital gains?


I have a 5/1 adjustable mortgage interest rate, max 8% and I have had the loan for 7 years. My..



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