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Long term care insurance

This is actually a comment on your recent column. I live in Ct. I’ve been paying premiums on my LT..

Long Term Care Insurance

I was listening when you had a gentleman on air with you discussing this type of insurance. I have questions..

Medicare Enrollment

Hi Terry, I will be turning 65 in April and would like to enroll in Medicare. Here is my question:..

Fixed Index Annuity

Are fixed indexed annuities a good investment strategy?

Expired Annuity Not Releasing Money

My Western & Southern 3-year annuity at 2.3% expired 12/23/22, yet the company still has not released my money (as..

Long term care –how to purchase?

Heard you on the radio say don’t talk to your insurance agent about long term care, you need an expert...

Greater Return on Investment

I have an IRA fixed annuity that pays a guaranty 3%. It no longer has a surrender charge. I have..

Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract? Good idea?

I have 550,000 in a traditional IRA and 50,000 in a Roth IRA. I’ll be 71 in May this year...

Medical insurance on car insurance policy

My husband just found out that we can save $400 a year by not including medical insurance on our vehicle..

Annuity transfer

Hello Terry I have an annuity that will mature mid year. What type of vehicle, besides another annuity, can I..

Medigap Insurance

I will be turning 65 in June, so I am researching Medicare and its options. I have read all your..

Medicare personalized advice

Correction on my last question…I believe you had mentioned maximizemysocialsecurity.com for better info on Social Security.. I mistakenly remembered it..

Treasury Bills

I retired in July of 2022 at age 60. I have about 700k in prudential annuities which will mature in..

Long Term Care Insurance

A little over 4 years ago my husband and I purchased long term care insurance through a group plan offered..

Medicare Advantage

Pro’s and Cons of Medicare Advantage insurance

Medicare Part B IRMAA

Hi, My Medicare Premium just doubled per month because of our 2021 tax return. We filed married, jointly, and our..

Small business paying for employees’ ACA insurance

Two of my employees have ACA (BCBS-IL) insurance, cut do not receive a subsidy for their premium. The business was..

Medicare parts — when do spouses apply?

I am 68 years old and enrolled in Medicare part a when I turned 65. My husband turn 65 in..

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

I feel you were not informed last week while discussing NOT opting for the Medicare Advantage Plans over Medicare Supplements..

Medicare Open Enrollment Column 10/25

It is clear that you are very cautious (perhaps negative) on advantage plans, as we have been in the past...



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