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Long term care

Hi terry you talked to a lady on WGN 2 weeks ago at noon time about long term care to..

LTC Rates Being Raised substantially -Genworth

The rates of my wife and my LTC are being raised from 2000 per year (bought 20 years ago when..

Buying life insurance which can also be used for care.

Our financial advisor wants my husband and I to buy a life insurance that can also be used for care..

Long term care insurance

Your best recommendation for a reliable insurance company. I’m 68 years old.

Long term care insurance

My husband and I are both 69 and are financially secure. Our advisor suggested we do a 1035 conversion on..

Long Term Care Ins.

I am 78 years old and have applied for Long Term Care Ins. I qualify for a policy costing $16,000..



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