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Payback of advance subsidy for Obamacare

We signed up for market place last yr and picked a policy we could afford. Had no idea about subsidy...

Individual disability

I would like to purchase individual disability insurance for myself. I do not know where to go to do this...

Pension buy out now in annuity

I had a pension buy out that I put into an Allstate annuity fund 8 years ago, it was supposed..

Long term care insurance

Hi Terry, Is long term care insurance a good thing to buy? I’m 58 years old, pretty good health but..

taxation of annuity distributions

I have a non-qualified annuity that we just started receiving distributions in 2020. Most of the internet articles say that..

Long Term Care Insurance Choice

Hello Terry, We are purchasing long term care insurance for myself (53). We cannot afford the hybrid, and on your..



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