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Term life insurance–Cash surrender value–cost of insurance NEED ADVICE ASAP

I need some advice, please. My husband, currently age 74 and a cancer patient with other medical issues, has a..

What is the Long Term Care Insurance company you mentioned today on WGN?

You mentioned a way to learn about long term care insurance and I didn’t get it!

Medicare Enrollment Question

Terry, I am a 60 year old male and my wife is 68 years old. My wife is retiring from..

IUL account

Hi Terry I’m 53 have Fidelity 2035 401K no company match only have about 10,000 in it my house is..

Annuity Beneficiary incorrect

Hi Terry, In-laws had set up a trust for their dependents, trust was in both parents name. They hired financial..


I’m 70 yrs old and I have Medicare parts A B,and F. Should I get Part C instead of F

Life insurance policy with endowment

I have a policy with endowment that has come to term Best way to collect and invest it for my..

Prudential Life Insurance Policy

Hi Terry, I bought a whole life policy in my 20’s. I’m now in my 50’s and a new agent..

Retiring soon with $110 k in a variable annuity.

Best way to withdraw in current economic climate?

Do I need to file a tax return for a life insurance payout

Hi Terry, my mom passed away this last September and I was the beneficiary of a small life insurance policy...

Health Insurance premiums as a tax deduction

Filling jointly with an agi of 100000 can we claim our premium insurance $930 a month out of packet?


My wife just turned 65 and is still working. She pays for our health ins through work. Can she still..

Long term care insurance — worth it?

My northwestern mutual rep is proposing long term insurance. Is it worth it ?

Medicare advantage v supplement

I think I’ve heard u advise supplement over advantage b/c not restricted network of providers. Is that right? Also heard..

infinite banking

what do you think about the infinite banking concept?

Affordable Medical insurance

My 28year old daughter is a cancer survivor and in need of affordable medical insurance. I would appreciate any recommendations..

Survivorship vs Life insurance

Which is better to have, $300,000 in life insurance (half term and half whole) for $313 a month or $1,500..

Life Insurance

Hi Terry, At what age do you recommend we stop paying for Life Insurance? I am 65 and my wife..

Retiree Medical Costs Soar

Hi Terry, I am a long-time reader. Some clarifying info. I am approaching 70. I have no interest in and..

Mediare Part D

Hi Terry, Happy New Year! Thank you for all that you do. I love your newsletters & listening to you..



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