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Medicare for spouse of postal employee

Hi Terry, I am 64 on SSDI. My husband is 61 YO retired postal employee. I have been on his..

IRA personal liability

Terry, is my IRA protected against personal liability lawsuits? Do I need “Umbrella Insurance” for auto and home?

Medicare Standard (Plan G Plus Secure)

In searching for a BCBSIL Medicare plan that included Silver Sneakers, I was offered Medicare Standard ((Plan G Plus Secure)..

Index annuity

A respected source in annuities reported that you advised against ever buying a fixed index annuity. May I ask why?..

Are Advantage plans a problem at a CCRC?

I have read your articles on the problems Advantage plans are having. A CCRC we are considering states in it’s..

Fidelity Retirement Account

I am 65 and retired. I have my retirement account with Fidelity and is split into a traditional IRA and..


We purchased annuities a number of years ago. I’ve always been reassured our adult children will inherit on our passing,..

Medical diagnosis changes retirement plans

We are a 64 year old couple. About 2 million in 401k, cash and money market. House is paid off...


I recently signed up for Medicare and supplemental insurance. I also applied for SS. I’m 65, married and decided to..

Medicare and/or VA Healthcare?

I have VA Healthcare with some co-pays. Is it better to have the VA or Medicare part B or some..

Medicare — but company insurance at age 75

Hi Terry, My wife and I are 75 and have kept our employer’s insurance since we retired. We were told..

Whole life insurance at age 80

Terry, at 80 my mother bought a 10,000 thousand dollar whole life policy from Mutual of Omaha my sister mother..

FSA vs HCA deduction order

Hi Terry – I love your page and when you are on WGN. Here is my question: For years my..

Medicare and HSA

No more contributing to the HSA after signed up for Medicare A only but not taking it: I will be..


Hi Terry, I have heard you talk about this subject before. My husband is on Medicare and took Advantage. I..

Long term care and medicare

My wife was trying to explain what she heard you say today on WGN radio, the connection between long term..


Hi Terry Today I heard your viewpoint about people putting off signing up for Medicare past 65. I understood you..

Umbrella liability insurance coverage

I have had an umbrella liability insurance policy for many years. I always felt it was a necessary based on..

Medicare Part A

If you have work health insurance should you take Medicare A since it’s no charge and you then get that..

Choosing a Term Insurance Policy company

What Insurance companies offer the best TERM Insurance policies?



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