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Funding long-term care insurance

Thanks for that article. It got me thinking and researching. Turns out that due to my medical history, I probably..

Multiple Long Term Care Policies

Years ago I bought multiple different long term care policies(Aetna, Genworth, Mass Mutual, and now my spouse (62)has early dementia..

LTC and Homeowners Insurance Agent

Once again you put down insurance agents. Our full-service agency has had personal lines clients who also have AssetCare issued..

Medicare Options after Diagnosis

Hello: is Medicare part G is it an option, what is the best for an individual in their 70s with..

Illinois SURS funds preservation during recession

I’m retired from Univ.Illinois with a S.U.R.S. annuity. The recent contracted fund manager implied use of a system that minimized..


I turn 65 this month and I’ve signed up for Medicare parts A and B and have received my Medicare..

Medigap Plan G vs. group plan

Have the option of going with BCBS Plan G or Cook County Pension Fund Group Plan with United Healthcare. (Choice..

Medicare sign up

Hi Terry I will be turning 65 years old in September, 2024, Do I have to apply for Medicare even..

SS/ Medicare

Hi Terry, I love you segments on John’s show…always so informative. My question..My wife turned 65 on April1st of this..

Medicare and retirement

Which Medicare plan/supplement would be the best plan for a a retired single healthy, 74 year old male?

Life insurance

My husband & I are 70 & 75 last year we bought whole life insurance. 30.000 each so total 60.000...

Long term care insurance

I heard Terry on WGN mention regarding long term care insurance but was unable to listen to her advice. I..

Medicare choices

Hi Terry, Big fan here. I have Alexa program and every Wednesday WGN RADIO I’m 66 ,still working , Hoping..

Applying for Social Security

I will be turning 65 in September 2024. Even though I will continue working for some time and carry my..

Medicare deduction from social security

Medicare effective 4/1/24. The deduction for A and B should show on May disbursement not on April’s correct? Payments are..

Medicare for spouse of postal employee

Hi Terry, I am 64 on SSDI. My husband is 61 YO retired postal employee. I have been on his..

IRA personal liability

Terry, is my IRA protected against personal liability lawsuits? Do I need “Umbrella Insurance” for auto and home?

Medicare Standard (Plan G Plus Secure)

In searching for a BCBSIL Medicare plan that included Silver Sneakers, I was offered Medicare Standard ((Plan G Plus Secure)..

Index annuity

A respected source in annuities reported that you advised against ever buying a fixed index annuity. May I ask why?..

Are Advantage plans a problem at a CCRC?

I have read your articles on the problems Advantage plans are having. A CCRC we are considering states in it’s..



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