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credit card debt

By Terry Savage on September 29, 2013 | Credit/Debt

My husband and I are in credit card debt $60,000!! Our income is approx $70,000 per year. Our monthly payments are $1800. We want to get out!! Are there any credit card consolidation company’s that we can trust and will help us, not make it worse?

SAVAGE SAYS:Immediately call the National Foundation for Consumer Credit — 800-388-2227, which will connect you to the nearest local office.  They are free, or very low fee, non-profit, and you can trust them!  They have helped so many families in your situation, because they can arrange a repayment plan with your creditors, lower the interest rate, and remove the late fees.  Do not hesitate –and do not go elsewhere, a most of those other advertisements are a rip-off that will leave you in worse shape, if possible, than you are in now.    Pls write back and add to this post after you have seen them, and let me know what they say — and how you feel about it!



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