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Victim of Identify Theft

By Terry Savage on December 01, 2015 | Credit/Debt

Hi Terry! Rt. now I’m on my 3rd 90-day credit alert with Equifax/TransUnion/Experian. I’ve filed a police report this past week, because there was a lapse in renewing alert and someone actually got a charge acct w/Victoria Secret in my name. I’m going to file a report with FTC ID Theft (suggestion from Soc.Sec.) and a 7 yr credit alert with the above agencies. My ? is – Equifax is asking for my Soc.Sec and Drivers License be mailed with the 7 yr appl.!! Do you think this is the way to go? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Alyce

Terry Says: I am going to create here a link to the Federal Trade Commission website page that explains credit alerts and credit freezes.  If anyone else is interested, this is the complete explanation.

Yes, you’ll have to give them your personal information in writing to create the alert.  And given your situation that could be a little disconcerting.  But it’s what you have to do to get the “alert” — which allows credit to be granted after extra verification.  Now that you know your credit is in play, I suggest you go for the credit FREEZE, if allowed by your state of residence. Each of the three major bureaus will freeze your account and not allow ANY access.  Unless you’re planning to buy insurance, or a house or car, or change employers, this would be a more definitive barrier — and you can lift the freeze at any time.  It shouldn’t cost anything since you have a reported incidence of ID theft.



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