Ask Terry Questions Waiting for Scheduled Medicare Appointment which is after my 65th Birthday to determine Eligibility

Waiting for Scheduled Medicare Appointment which is after my 65th Birthday to determine Eligibility

By Terry Savage on August 19, 2023 | Insurance & Annuities

I do not have sufficient SS quarters because I worked for my municipality & have a pension . I have only 33 quarters. I turn 65 Sept 19. Less than 2 months.

I applied for only Medicare under my wife’s soc security number on July 25.

They said I need to schedule an interview with them to see if I qualify. I should wait for their letter. They need my marriage certificate which they will only accept at the meeting.

I called the next day, Luckily an appointment became available a couple of days after my bday in September while I was on the with the representative. They said it is the earliest appointment avail.

My wife’s group plan goes away on Aug 31. She filed for single health insurance at work assuming I will get Medicare.

So I will be without insurance starting September 1 until SS approves me. Hopefully they do!

I asked the social security rep what do I do for insurance during September. She asked me if I was healthy??? Crazy response ! So no insurance I guess. (Side note. My minivan has 343,000 miles- will my water pump brake?)

So I need to get insurance ( for sept and October and hopefully not November ) until after SS approves me after my appointment later in September. At least I hope they approve me.

When you have some time, do you by chance have any insurance thoughts other than Obama care because I heard it is expensive ? I heard Obamacare will only cover me in IL the state I reside in. Ie I can not travel outside of IL Not sure if it’s true.

Terry Says

Please read this new column, which covers your situation. Obamacare covers you everywhere in the US –just like Medicare. Sign up immediately.

One other alternative is a short-term policy. In fact, this link is where I would start, assuming you might have too much family income to get a cheap Obamacare policy. Search for a short-term health insurance policy here:



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