College Savings / Student Loans Questions

Student loan forgiveness …..

Hello! I have been paying the Federal parent/student loan for approximately 7 years. My daughter paid her student loan off..

Student loans for 51yo RN that are 100k +

Hello! I was divorced, resorted to public aid as a single mom raising 2 kids. I went back to school,..

Education account

Terry, my wife and I are looking to open a 529 account for our children’s education. We would like an..

Parent and student federal loans– refinancing home?

MY daughter has about $135,000 in Parent Plus loans for her daughter who graduated from IU in 2013. She has..

Student loan — Whoa! Stop right now, says Terry!

Hello Terry, I have a few questions, I’m a single mom, and my daughter is a in her second year..

Student Loan Debt

My daughter is finishing Pharmacy School in May and has $200000 in Federal Student Loan Debt. Is that amount outrageous?



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