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By Terry Savage

small business health insurance

Answered on November 09, 2019

Here's a link to the column on Small Business Health Insurance. We are just entering the one-month period where you can apply! Here is a link to VestaBenefitsGroup.com -- where you can get help signing up. And, the employer does NOT have to contribute --only to offer a plan to employees. And only ONE employee…

Flexible spending accounts

Answered on November 09, 2019

Health insurance for small business

Answered on November 03, 2019

Elderly owns home but in a nursing home

Answered on October 27, 2019

Still working after 70, and with an HSA and Medicare Part A (only). Should I cancel my Medicare A ?

Answered on October 26, 2019

Small Business Health insurance

Answered on October 17, 2019


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