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  • Is Deflation a Worry?

    February 22, 2015

    Americans have grown up with fears of inflation — commonly defined as rising prices. But despite the Federal Reserve’s oft-stated concern with inflation, we haven’t seen much of it in recent years. In fact, the current concern is quite the opposite: deflation.

  • When Will the Bull Market End?

    February 17, 2015

    "Bull markets don’t die of old age," warns Jim Stack, market historian and president of InvesTech Research, one of the most successful investment newsletters over the long run.

  • 'Chicken Money' Safety vs. Interest

    February 17, 2015

    Low rates are a great way to help the government finance its growing deficits. But they sure make it tough for savers and retirees who wanted to live on the interest from their savings. Here are five things you should know about "chicken money."

  • Save or Spend Your Gas Price Bonus?

    February 11, 2015

    It can’t have escaped your notice that it costs about half as much to fill your gas tank as it did a year ago. That’s a huge benefit for the average American consumer — an average savings of about $60 a month for most families, and far more if two family members commute to work by car.

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  • When to take Social Security Benefits?

    Wondering when to start/how to maximize your SS benefits, and those of your spouse? This calculator from T. Rowe Price will help you make the smartest decision based on your own goals.

  • S&P Return Calculator

    Want to see the return of the S&P 500 — with and without dividends, and adjusted for inflation — between any two individual days? Click on this easy calculator to compare the performance of “the market” with your own investment returns!

  • How Much Should You Be Saving?

    Are you on track to save enough for retirement?  Or will your standard of living fall dramatically when you retire?  This calculator created by the Employee Benefit Research Institute is easy to use, and will show you how much more you should be saving, based on your age, estimates of longevity, and risk tolerance.

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