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  • Memorial Deal -- VA Mortgages

    May 20, 2015

    Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices of our military families today and in the past. One of the ways our nation honors and rewards veterans and their families is VA loans that enable them to buy and finance a home at a low interest rate, currently 3.37 percent on a 30-year fixed-rate loan — and with zero down payment!

  • Boomer Demand Triggers 40l(k) Advice

    May 20, 2015

    The huge baby boom generation has had an impact on society at every stage of its evolution. Do you think it’s coincidence that contact lenses and Lasik surgery became affordable just as boomers started to need help with their eyesight?

  • The Case for Gold -- Just in Case!

    May 12, 2015

    No one is talking much about gold these days, since gold is typically viewed as a hedge against inflation, and there’s very little inflation around. Even worse, if the Fed raises rates, gold becomes less attractive as an investment.

  • Smart Money Is Investing in America

    May 11, 2015

    What’s the smart money doing with their money these days? Investing in America. That’s not a pep talk; it’s reality, according to a man who should know: Charlie Buckley, a managing director of UBS who runs their American Global Family Office practice.

Terry’s Favorite Websites

  • Professional Numismatists Guild

    Investing Websites

    If you’re buying or selling gold or rare coins, make sure you deal with a member of this guild. They follow a strict code of ethics. Use their search feature to find a dealer near you.

  • Four Great Sites for Credit Card Info

    Credit & Debt Websites

    Looking to maximize the rewards you earn on your credit cards to get the things you want most? Use these sites to do your research:


  • Finra BrokerCheck

    Financial Planning & Organization Websites

    BrokerCheck is a free tool to help investors research the professional backgrounds of current and former FINRA-registered brokerage firms and brokers, as well as investment adviser firms and representatives. BrokerCheck information is drawn from filings by regulators, firms and investment professionals. It includes current licensing status and history, employment history and, if any, reported regulatory, customer dispute, criminal and other matters.  But, Terry warns, this tool is just a starting place, and has been criticized for not having information on personal bankruptcies, civil litigation, and older events.  You should also check with your state’s registration database.

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Terry’s Favorite Calculators & Apps

  • Vanguard’s Nest Egg Calculator

    Vanguard’s Nest Egg calculator lets you change inputs to figure out how long your money will last in retirement!

  • When to take Social Security Benefits?

    Wondering when to start/how to maximize your SS benefits, and those of your spouse? This calculator from T. Rowe Price will help you make the smartest decision based on your own goals.

  • S&P Return Calculator

    Want to see the return of the S&P 500 — with and without dividends, and adjusted for inflation — between any two individual days? Click on this easy calculator to compare the performance of “the market” with your own investment returns!

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