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Holiday Gifts for Kids – 2018

November 27, 2018

Every year at this time I write a column suggesting money smart holiday gifts for children. The goal is to find entertaining and educational gifts that won’t be broken or forgotten in a few weeks but will generate a life-long interest in and competence about the subject of money. This year’s gifts range from allowance..

Give Generously — and Wisely

November 21, 2018

Did this year fly by faster than ever? The holidays are here again. And now that we have expressed our thankfulness, we enter into the season of generosity. Despite changes in the tax code that make it less beneficial to donate to charities, this is the year to give more, not less. Almost every charitable..

Fix Your IRA and 40l(k) Now

November 15, 2018

Here are three things you must do now to make sure your IRA or 40l(k) accounts don’t get caught in the year-end crunch — and that you’re well prepared for 2019. A few weeks ago, you received your third quarter statement of performance for the year. Or you can go online to check not only..

Bright Start is “Golden”

November 07, 2018

Morningstar has assigned its top Gold rating to the Illinois Bright Start 529 College Savings plan, for the second year in a row. Only four 529 plans were given the gold designation, out of 62 plans rated by the Morningstar analysts. It is truly a high honor – and represents a dramatic change in fortune..

TIPS Tackle Inflation

We shouldn’t be surprised when inflation returns to impact our lives — both in our spending decisions and in our investment decisions. After all, the conditions are ripe. First the Federal Reserve created an unprecedented surge in liquidity to stave off financial collapse in 2008-2009. That money sat quietly until a massive corporate tax cut..

Time to Take Stock

October 30, 2018

If your retirement funds are invested in the stock market, you simply can’t afford to ignore the signals the market is sending. Any decisions about selling, or buying the dips, must depend on your own risk tolerance, time horizon and overall financial situation. But the time to consider those things is now — at what..



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