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Below you will find the columns terry has written by date.

Best Money Apps of 2015

December 22, 2015

Financial technology is one of the fastest growing areas of innovation, as mobile apps are being created that give people the ability to control their finances right from their smartphones. Millennials and others want instant access to their financial data and the ability to manage their money. Financial services firms know that's where their clients..

China Joins Major Money Leagues

December 01, 2015

China is now officially part of the money major leagues. The International Monetary Fund has agreed to add the Chinese yuan to its basket of reserve currencies, where it will join the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, the Yen, and the British pound. The move will take place in October, 2016. Inclusion is a highly coveted..

Best Credit Cards for Students

September 14, 2015

It wasn't long ago that college students went back to school and in addition to buying books and sweatshirts on campus, they were offered credit cards--and the chance to plunge into debt before they even began earning an income. Thanks to the Card Act of 2009, credit card issuers are no longer allowed to advertise..

Help for Affordable Care Signup

January 28, 2015

Smart shoppers know it pays to shop around — especially when it comes to health insurance. And with the February 15 deadline rapidly approaching for the Affordable Care Act plans, this is a project you can’t postpone. The federal government says that last year more than 7 million people enrolled, despite glitches in the process...

Families and FAFSA

January 12, 2015

File FAFSA now! Delay is costly By Terry Savage Tribune Content Agency Families of millions of high school seniors are about to embark on a time-consuming, invasive, and generally distasteful project: filling out the FAFSA — the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The only thing that is worse than sitting down at your computer to..


January 08, 2015

The New Year brings an entirely new way to manage your daily finances, allowing you to both receive and pay your bills from your smartphone. And it’s free!  Mint Bills is a new Web app from Intuit, parent company of Quicken desktop software and the popular Mint money tracking service for mobile devices. Mint Bills..

Terry on CNN – Outlook for 2015

December 26, 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDPkPVgw0l4 Terry on CNN -- Predicts 2015 - The Year of the Consumer! Terry discusses the economy, jobs and energy prices.

Terry Savage on Good Day FOX

July 31, 2014

Terry discusses how debt impacts your finances. 35% of Americans are in debt, here are tips on how you can find a way out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQRVYA6HLEU&feature=youtu.be

Terry Savage Answers Your Money Questions on WGN-TV

July 01, 2014


Terry Savage discusses ‘The New Love Deal’ WGN Morning News

May 15, 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWZs3u3v3N4 Terry joins her co-authors on WGN Morning News to discusses their latest book, The New Love Deal – what you need to know before marrying, moving in or moving on.

Terry Talks Money on Windy City Live, ABC7 Chicago

May 05, 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yMIxQLFJF8&feature=youtu.be 7 Steps on How to Get your Financial House in Order. Also Terry's new book called The New Love Deal, Everything you must know before marrying, moving in or moving on!

Terry Discusses Identity Theft

March 03, 2014

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYxhWnd-aq0&feature=youtu.be Discussing Identity Theft, how to be careful and protect yourself. Terry answers viewers questions on IRA's, Stock Market, and Student Loans.

Terry discusses The New Love Deal on WGN

February 04, 2014

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTFkOTRewr8&feature=youtu.be Terry discusses The New Love Deal and finances for Valentine's Day.

Presidential MyRA Accounts – Social Security!

January 29, 2014

The President has proposed a new type of retirement savings account. It would be an individual account, guaranteed by the government, offered through employers - and available to lower income workers to give them security in retirement. What a creative idea. It sounds so familiar. Wait. We already have that account. It's called SOCIAL SECURITY!..

Bulls, Bears, and Chickens!

January 28, 2014

The stock market has lulled us all into thinking the only way it can go is up!  After all, last year the market punched up through 14,000, and 15,000, and then 16,000 without much of a pause.  But now that we’ve seen a few weeks of both volatility and downside, it's time to reconsider both..

Predicting the Markets and the Economy in 2014

January 01, 2014

http://youtu.be/-WHhrQCliYg Watch Terry Savage live on CNN as she discusses the stock market in 2014, interest rates, and home sales - all of which add up to what looks to be a better year ahead!

Terry Savage Discusses Credit Strategies on WGN

December 12, 2013

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO_IXNtc3qg&feature=youtu.be Watch Terry Savage discuss credit scores and concerns on WGN.

Terry Savage on WGN Morning News

October 22, 2013

http://youtu.be/3W9S3pUHYzQ Terry Savage discusses the jobs report and shopping on WGN.

Terry Savage Discusses the Fiscal Cliff

December 30, 2012

http://youtu.be/Mnmtxht_H2M Terry Savage joins CNN's Don Lemon to discuss Americans' frustration with Washington DC, the fiscal cliff, and what that might mean for the stock market and your investments.

Financial savvy at age 12

April 26, 2012

Charlie Tiseo is one money-smart kid. The 12-year-old sixth-grader at Still Middle School in Aurora won the essay competition with a piece titled "The Curious Case of Benjamin Budget." In the essay, a take-off on the movie, he follows some wise advice: "Mind your budget, boy" - and grows wealthy as he ages. Charles, who..



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