By Terry Savage on March 26, 2024 | Insurance & Annuities

I recently signed up for Medicare and supplemental insurance. I also applied for SS. I’m 65, married and decided to give up my career and help my daughter with babysitting 2 days a week to help her save on childcare. All good until Medicare decided I needed to pay IRMAA $559 a month. They based it on filing married but separate in 2021. The court demanded us to do so because my husbands ex wanted more money. Our combined income on our returns were about $207k ( line 11) before I left work. I filed out the life-changing event form and brought to SS office. I called Medicare and was told oops they made a mistake, may or may not be adjusted. Basically, too bad. I’m ordering your book but do you have any suggestions?

Terry Says

You did the right thing. IRMAA looks back TWO years to make the adjustment. They will make exceptions, but likely not til next year — even though you file the form. But without much income the surcharge will go away in two years anyway! You just got caught in that trap, and I can understand your dismay.
PS. YOu didn’t mention signing up for Part D– the drug plan. Do it at, even if you don’t take any prescription drugs now. It will avoid a long-term premium penalty.



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