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Wild Card Questions

By Terry Savage

Can you help me find my retirement account?

Answered on August 04, 2013

I need assistance in locating my plan administrator for Household Financial Services Trip plan, I have talk to US Department of Labor. They gave me Vanguard and HFCC, with no luck. Can you help me find my retirement? SAVAGE SAYS: Well, first thing, have you tried the HR department at Household?? The company was acquired…

Updates ?

Answered on July 26, 2013

Hi Terry, So many of us miss your helpful updates . Hope you will return soon ! With much appreciation for you ! SAVAGE SAYS: Thanks so much for your nice note. If you go to www.TerrySavage.com you can read my columns, which I still write for national syndication, each week. And if you sign…

Help After 33 Years of IRS default?

Answered on June 10, 2013

Defaulted on IRS installmt contract 33 yrs ago. Am now 72 & owe $39000 in back taxes & fees. Am single, no children, bad credit & no assets other than small SS. Is there hope to reconcile w/o punishment? SAVAGE SAYS: You need an attorney who is familiar with IRS issues. Contact your local bar…

financial help for my cancer drug

Answered on June 10, 2013

I am 70,married,retired and found out 2 months ago i have myloidfybrosis cancer.Otherwise a cancer that affects the blood.Prognosis is poor.Our income is this. wife gets 378.00 from medicare, thats it for her. I receive 4000.00 a month from retirement and social security. I have ins. thru the pipefitters union in Illinois. Both are refusing…

I-Bonds – Bonds or Cash?

Answered on May 31, 2013

Hi Terry, For the purpose of tracking asset allocation, do I-bonds count as cash or bonds? I


Answered on May 31, 2013

Please give a summary of the pros n cons of the retirement advise that involves obtaining a Roth n using proceeds to buy insurance. For a 76 yr old with an Ira but no roth n investments n 100k or so in cash positions what would be the best way to fund a Roth n…



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